I am an engineer and a marketer who fell in love with the written word. I believe that literature  presents a window to the soul of the world. And I seek to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions through my poems. Some of them are spiritual , and others are things that I see on the road every day- like a beggar on the street, or the peanut vendor.

Each one of them captures a state of mind, a perspective or a feeling whose essence the poem ,hopefully, portrays vividly.

I write mostly in free verse. But I do love rhyming poetry and have been trying my hand at different forms of classical poetry.

I have experimented with the following:

  • Acrostic
  • Abecedarian
  • Cinquains
  • Haiku
  • Nonet
  • Pantoum
  • Rondeau
  • Sestina
  • Sonnet
  • Villanelle

Hopefully, I will publish some of my experiments here!

Do let me know if you like the posts.


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