Imperfect efforts

Why is spiritual effort so difficult? Why is it fraught with failure?

Heckled by desire,

Blocked by inertia,

The surface mind fails

Again, and again

In its quest

To awaken

The inner soul.

Improper efforts

Ineptly essayed,

Fail to Achieve

A breakthrough.

Several botched attempts later,

The mind knows now

The meaning

Of the phrase:

“Easy to say

Difficult to do”


A look at the origin and meaning of life

Why does a lie

Engulf this life?

Why does this life

Conceal an if?

Is life just an entry

In God’s mystic file?

An evil snake, a vile lie,

A forbidden fruit-

Was this the fault line

On which life rose?

Is life a lie

Struggling through eons

Fulfilling itself and

Forever joyless

Seeking a truth

It does not even know?

Or is it just a failure

An impotent darkness

Trying forever

To hide the effulgent Light?

At the heart of this life

Is a mighty if .

Two are the branches

That rise from its fork


You can choose virtue or

You can choose vice

You can choose the false or

You can choose the truth


If you choose to walk

On the path of the false

Maya will be life for

Ages more to come


If you choose right and

And follow the Light

An embalming peace

Shall engulf thy soul

Vast grow thy soul

Vaster than the universe

Ego shall be dissolved

Dissolved the ‘I’ in life

Transformed by thy choice

Life shall be the triune glory

Light, Felicity and Eternity


The changing face of India…

Sex before marriage
Is no longer a taboo
Living together
Has become so passé
Our weddings have now
Built in western elements-
The bridegroom
Now proposes
To his fiancé
The day before his marriage.
Divorce is no longer
Rated on par with
Death in the family.
Single parent families
Are part of the
Social fabric.
Don’t look now,
The elephant
Is changing.



the credit card ,illusion of unlimited spending power, temptation.



Your glowing looks

And slender form

Captivated me- it was

Love at first sight.

When I hold you

In my hands

The world seems small to me.

You make me

Feel like a king

And rule my heart

Like a queen.

You make me live

Beyond my means

And lead me

To the gates of hell.

And yet I cant

Say no to you.

You hold me tight

With your magnetic charm.

You are the circe

Of the modern world.

O credit card,

Get away from me!


The way of the human ego and how mind encourages it…

Insignificant, tiny ego 

Casts large shadows 

On mind’s walls.

Sizing itself up

With its own shadows 

It gloats with pride. 

Intelligence, feeble,

Clouded by ignorance,

Fosters this illusion

And furthers its growth.

One day the dawn of wisdom

Shall burst upon the mind

And its sun rays 

Light up the mind’s skies 

In a fire-gold blaze;

Then those

Misleading shadows 

will be gone. 

And the ego,



Be dissolved 

In an epiphany 

Of light


India has moved from a culture of Aiyoyo to one of yo? Are we aping the west mindlessly

If you pierce your ears

Because mummy tells you so

It is aiyo

If you do it coz

Your gang is doing so

It is  cool yo

If you listen to songs

Using radio

Like your father did

It is aiyo

If you do it with

Headphones round your neck

It is hep yo

If you wear your jeans

With not a single patch

It is aiyo

If you wear it with

Holes that show your skin

It is hot yo

If you spell the words

In their natural form

It is aiyo

If you shorten them

And strip them off vowels

It is  fab yo

If your diction

Is just perfect

It is aiyo

If you roll your tongue

And let the words slur,

It is hip yo

If you shake hands

When you meet a friend

That is aiyo,

If your scene is

Doing high five or fist pumps

It is cool yo

If you read this song

On a computer

Like the  old times

It is aiyo

If you read it now

On a tablet or

A nifty wearable

Then it is  mod yo


Have we outgrown our animal nature…

There was a time

When the animal

Was buried

Deep within the man.

Civilized nature meant

That the veil was thick.

One would have to dig

Really deep before

The animal reared

It’s ugly head.

This, alas ,

Is the age of speed.

And everything is done

In double quick time.

And so it feels

That the veneer

Has grown really thin.

You just need

To scratch the surface now

And the animal comes

Roaring out.