Broken ties

Once divine, their love
Now is shattered to pieces
Is divine fragile?


Love is so fragile
Crushed by the clash of  egoes
Buried by divorce


Divorce is a deed
Signed with crying angels’  tears  Stamped by children’s pain


No one has patience
Adjustments are unheard of
Weed of divorce grows


Uncared for children
Parents hiding guilt with gifts
Troubled society


Made for each other
Couple filing for divorce
Poor children cry


Papa or mama?
Why do children have to choose?
Parents do not care

Vice, dice and advice,
All words derived from divorce
And could be its cause


What is haiku?

A tiny mirror
It reflects the universe
You see what you can


Layer on layer
All in just three lines : haiku–
Bonsai of poems

What it leaves unsaid
Rings through your mind’s corridors
Long after it’s read

Seeming incomplete
It speaks through wordless spaces
Pregnant with meaning


It speaks through silence
Through the gaps between words
If you can listen

It’s like an iceberg
Revealing just a little
Of a vaster truth



An unreal self
Bound by the  snares
Of an unreal delusion
Chases unreal things
Believing in their reality
Impelling itself through
Endless karmic cycles
In a godless world
That is yet  peopled
With million gods
Who may themselves
Be a product of the mind

While a featureless nihil
Awaits  the transformed mind
Discovering the four noble truths
And observing the eight fold path
Evolving through  stages of purification
Losing its form and becoming  featureless  itself
Finally merges into
The nihil 

Error of my ways…

I was sailing on a stormy sea
Facing giant waves,
Lightning tore the sky to shreds,
And thunder slammed the sea
My boat was being torn to bits
And there was no relief
Then you lifted me up
And I saw a tea cup!

I was walking on a mountain path
Steep and treacherous
The path was narrow
One misstep and the fall was deep
And then it was dark.
To my left and to my right were Boulders rolling down
And I knew not what to do,
You shook me by the shoulders
And I saw it was a dream.

Then I was a king
My kingdom had no borders
Men from everywhere
Bowed before my throne.
Or a saint sometimes,
Ripe with knowledge high,
I wrote of God and eternity
Not knowing either.

You knocked me down cold,
Or made me trip and fall
The worthlessness of kingdoms
And the chicanery of knowledge
Shrouded in ignorance
You clarified to me.

The subterfuges of my ego,
The smooth, sweet, self deception
The half baked knowledge
Wearing the clothes of wisdom
The hundred doors to hell
Marked ” gateway to heaven”
You have unmasked to my inner sight,
You have shown me
The error of my ways.
But my lord,
Where, then, is the sunlit path?


Is an argument pointless?
Does it have to generate heat?
Like the word assume
Does it make an ass of u and me?
Remember an argument
Contains the word augment.
If you can remove the rancor,
The rigidity, or righteousness,
And  can be flexible
And willing to rearrange
Your mindset
To discover the truth
That the argument is
Trying to unveil,
Then an argument
Always leads to
An augmented knowledge!


The birth of a Messiah
Made us call this year
Twenty twenty.
A messenger of peace
And love and mercy,
We remembered his
Date of birth
But sacrificed his principles.
We grew and grew
And our egos exploded
Conquering earth and space
Our egos covered them all.
We thought we were supreme,
Masters of the universe;
And then the long arm
Of Divine law
Pulled us in.
A tiny virus
Laid siege to the world
Locked us all inside our homes
And made us wear masks
Like the robbers that we are.
And now we know who we are-
Producers and consumers
Looting mother Earth
For our greed.
Consuming endlessly
We are consumed by our desires.
With the fire of our passions,
We have poisoned the seasons.
We have stretched to its end
The long rope of God.
Is it God’s wrath  or
Mother Earth’s cry?
Does it matter?
We see we have erred
When will action follow?

The new normal

Balance is a mirage in a dream,
It’s fashionable to have a phobia,
You’re mad without a mania
Come share your passions,
Exhibit your fashion,
Don’t worry, blend in, feel at home,
It’s normal to be abnormal!

Life is but a fleeting journey,
Heaven is just a fiction,
Hell is but our second homeland
It is OK to be selfish,
It is OK to be broken,
Don’t worry, blend in, feel at home,
It’s normal to be abnormal!

This world is so out of balance,
Why bother with being perfect,
If you live in a tower that leans,
You can never stand so straight,
Crooked is the new fashion,
Don’t worry, blend in, feel at home,
It’s normal to be abnormal!

Journey to God

Does knowledge help or hamper spiritual progress?

Blessed are the feeble-minded,
For their journey to God
Does not pass through
The arid tracts of knowledge.
For knowledge often
Masquerades as wisdom and
Beguiling its possessor
With its brilliant sophisms,
It locks him up in its golden cage
Arresting all progress.
And so the thinker, the scientist,
the philosopher, the man of letters
And the logical behemoth
Unaware of their golden shackles,
Forever toil in the bylanes of knowledge.
Quicksands and trapdoors,
And dazzling haze that conceals the light,
Hamper their progress while
Their lucky brethren,
The farmer, the watchman,
The unschooled trader–
Guided by divine hands
And carried on the wings of
Desireless work or divine love–
Knock on the doors of the divine Kingdom!
How do I know this? What makes me fit
To deliver this knowledge?
Simple, my friends come and
See what I see.
I am the man with the   ‘almost- knowledge’!

Heal us, Mother

Mother earth show us thy kindly face,
We have committed sins, we know,
But we are your children still,
Let this anger subside,
Forgive us again,
For we know not
What we do,
Heal us

Retreat Now!

Are you mother earth’s retribution?
Or a lance hurled by angry gods?
A decree pronounced by fate?
The long arm of god’s law
Dispensing justice?
By that God’s name
We command