Absent Tense?

The past intrudes
And consumes the mind.
Bitter, pleasant,
Nostalgia for the things
That you loved,
Regret for things that were wrong
Eat the moments away.
The future not yet born,
Projects its shadows;
Dreams of what will be,
And worries of what should not be
Weigh the mind down
With endless possibilities.
The ‘what was’ and
The ‘what is yet to be’
Diminish the ‘what is’:
Squeezed between
The past and the future,
The present
Is absent


I am back after  a long hiatus… with a brooding poem on how we miss the eternal present!


I seek

WHo is he that your soul is searching for, throughout its life?

He who is
The source and the goal
Knotted up in infinity,
He who has chosen to
Live inside the null,
Him, I seek.
He who is the
Undivided one
Living inside a million
Fragmented souls,
Him, I seek.
He who is not seduced by success,
Nor defeated by failure,
He who stays the same
Drenched in honey waves of joy,
Or the acid rain of pain,
Him, I seek.
He who, knowing all,
Has chosen to shroud himself in ignorance,
He who, owning all, needing none,
Has chosen to be lured by the trivial,
Him, I seek.
He who is the master of all,
But is ruled by love,
He who is vaster than the universe,
But lives veiled in my being,
Him, I seek.
He who, hiding inside me,
Makes me look for him,
Like a forlorn child
Crying for its mother,
Him, I seek.



Are you a body? Or a soul that is passing through different life forms?

I was a stone, an unyielding rock,

A clod of soil was too I.

I was a plant, the fruit bearing tree.

I was the animal roaming free.

I was the plankton, and the fish,

I was the whistling dolphin once.

In the coming dawns of time,

I shall be the future species.

I shall be too God one day.

Time’s stylus wrote my story

On the scroll of space unwinding.

At this juncture, on this earth,

I now wear a human mask.

But I’m an actor in a play,

Many a role I do essay,

Being human is just one,

Know me, I am the deathless soul.


Just another day

Is it just another day when you are caught on the roads in heavy rains?



Just another day, that is what we  say,
Cars are packed on roads, traffic jams whole day,
Everywhere you go, signals on the blink,
During rainy days, how the roads do shrink,
This is Bombay life, welcome to our way

People are fighting for the right of way,
There is so much noise, can’t hear what they say,
Roll the windows up, God! how garbage stinks,
Just another day

Sky is full of clouds painted in dark gray,
If you are stuck on roads, you can only pray,
Umbrellas in bloom -black, blue, red and pink,
Into potholes now, people’s cars will sink,
On the passersby water cars do spray,
Just another day

PS: This is a rondeau written about the Bombay monsoon. As some of you would have guessed, the rondeau  consists of 15 lines in three stanzas split into 5 lines/4lines and 6 lines.

The first half of the first line becomes the refrain that repeats  at the end of second and third stanzas.